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Our MISSION is to Help

Those Who NEED it

Gokarn Charitable Foundation is a Non-Profit Foundation.

Gokarn Charitable Foundation is incorporated in San Ramon, CA. With offices in US (San Jose, CA) and in India (Mumbai, Pune and Belgaum). Gokarn Foundation was incorporated to address two causes that are Universal issues that impede global equality in the long run. The two universal issues are:

  • - education for children to enable them to be global citizens and decision makers of the future.
  • - rehabilitation of children from various exploited environments to enable them to be successful.

Gokarn Charitable Foundation raises funds in a variety of ways to establish its corpus of funds. Fund raising is by accepting private donations, holding sales, encouraging volunteers to raise funds with participation in events (personal goals achievements - half marathon, marathon, walkathon, etc.).

Gokarn Foundation disburses its funds on an annual basis to accredited organizations that are furthering the goals of the foundation in education and rehabilitation. We have identified several NGO's and related organizations that are globally focussed on achieving the same goals that drive us at the Foundation. Some of the Non-Profits that have benefitted from our fund raising are:

  • Mahesh Foundation
    Adopting, Supporting and educating kids with HIV (either orphans or kids with HIV given up by their parents)
    (Mahesh Jadhav of Mahesh Foundation was recently awarded President’s Award by Govt of India).
  • Kids Against Hunger (Pleasanton Chapter)
    Feeding families around the world and around the corner. We work with the Pleasanton, CA Chapter of Kids Against Hunger.
  • India Literacy Project
    A catalyst for 100% literacy in India.
  • Pawan Public School
    A rural school attempting a brand new way of educating children (District Bhandara, Maharashtra).

Send us a note to ideas@gokarnfoundation.org and we will be glad to share our ideas and understand your needs.


Gokarn Charitable Foundation, Inc. is incorporated in San Ramon, CA as a not for profit charitable fund. It has two main goals:

  • - furthering education causes globally, and
  • - rehabilitation of children

Gokarn Foundation achieves this working with several NGO Agencies all across the world and remains focussed on its main goals.

Reach out to us at foundation@gokarn.com if you have ideas for fund raising or suggest us accredited NGO's working worldwide on children's issues, and furthering education.

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